Executive Summary – English


The Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) is a leading global knowledge network on water and development.

RWSN needs to be ambitious, responding to real needs at local and global levels; reaching as many rural water practitioners as possible; connecting, inspiring, and motivating; building capacity and knowledge; connecting people for joint learning and action; and supporting and amplifying the innovative and transformative work of our members.

This process is an invitation to all those interested in rural water supply, and connected issues, to help us shape the future of the network over the next 10 years. The Roadmap is structured around 4 forward-looking Milestones (+ concise look backwards).

This draft Roadmap proposes:

  • To de-centralise networking activities through regional hubs.
  • To prioritise the network in one of three ways:
    • A network of individuals
    • A network of organisations
    • A network of training and capacity development users and providers

In parallel, we also want to attract more rural water supply operators and local government staff who have responsibilities for rural water services. This is part of the 100 Milllion Initiative, with the REACH programme.

To find out more explore the Roadmap on this website (there is a menu in the top right or use the links below), or through the PDF document below.

You can give feedback in the following ways:

This is not consultation on the topics and thematic boundaries of RWSN’s scope. That is covered in the 2018-2023 Strategy.

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